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Immergood insulated tub, Stainless Steel Gears, Triple Action Dasher
Green Mint Ice Cream

The Story of Ice Cream

Ice cream is made by freezing (while stirring) a mixture of cream, milk, sugar, and other ingredients and flavorings to produce a countless variety of ice cream creations.

The ice cream mixture begins to freeze below 26° F. Ice melts at 32° F, so salt must be added to the ice to force it to melt, (scientifically, it removes heat) which lowers its temperature to 8-12°F. An approximate ratio of 1 Cup Salt to 4 lbs. Ice makes the rapid cooling and freezing needed to make smooth creamy ice cream.

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From the makers of Immergood Ice Cream Freezer

Homeplace Market LLC

 Immergood Ice Cream Freezer is owned by an Amish company who does not have computers or an online presence.

Homeplace Market LLC of PA, created this site for the benefit of all who love homemade ice cream and Made In USA products. Now folks from across the globe can learn about the Immergood brand and make an informed buying decision. The Immergood products are available through Homeplace Market LLC and several other reputable dealers with an online presence as well as many “brick and mortar” stores.

Immergood Ice Cream Freezers are built in the response of seeing the imported options decline in quality.

Immergood is built with a ‘Quality First’ approach. You will appreciate this, year after year. Even when your ‘grandchildren’ inherit your ice cream maker, they will appreciate the old fashioned quality.

Built in Pennsylvania, USA

Utilizing a number of small rural American shops who make specific parts, Immergood sets the standard for ‘Green’ manufacturing. Designed, assembled, inspected and sold by Immergood gives you the good feeling of supporting American Small Business.