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Immergood Ice Cream Freezer

4 Quart Hand-Crank

Great for occasional use or for small families. The smaller size means it will pack easier on the trip to the mountains or pull out for an evening treat.
#1004 Immergood 4 qt. Hand Crank

Immergood 6 qt. Ice Cream Maker

6 Quart Hand-Crank

The most popular size! Why? Because you can make a full batch for 10-14 people or you can make a half batch for a small family or group. The hand crank allows you to take this anywhere, like backyard picnics, Sunday afternoon by the pond, or camping.
#1006 Immergood 6 qt. Hand Crank

Immergood Ice Cream Freezer

8 Quart Hand-Crank

This large freezer is great for gatherings of family and friends. With all the same quality parts of the smaller freezers, the 8 quart means more ice cream for more people. Take this freezer along to the church picnic or an outdoor school event!
#1008 Immergood 8 qt. Hand Crank

Immergood Electric Ice Cream Maker

6 Quart Electric

Our electric controls include an on/off switch with thermostatic overload protection. This is the quietest 6 qt. triple action ice cream maker motor. This motor runs smooth and quiet. All stainless steel housing and gears. Includes the poly tub, stainless steel dasher and can – like the hand crank versions.
#1021 IG 6 qt. Immergood Electric

Immergood battery powered ice cream maker

6 Quart Battery Electric

Take your ice cream making to the next level with an Immergood freezer that goes ANYWHERE! With a Dewalt, Milwaukee or Makita tool battery, you can make 2-3 batches on one charge. Using the Immergood quality reduction gears, triple motion drive system, you are going to have fun making ice cream anywhere!
#1025 Immergood 6 qt. Dew/Mil
#1027 Immergood 6 qt. Makita

Immergood Ice Cream Freezer

6 Quart Air-Powered

Air is universal, so you can take this freezer anywhere if you have an air compressor. It will work in any country, no matter what the electrical system is. Coupled with the quality freezer and stainless steel hardware, this freezer is going to last for years. 4-6 qt. requires 12 CFM/40 PSI, 8 qt. requires 15 CFM/50 PSI.
#1023 Immergood 6 qt. Air Powered
#1024 Immergood 8 qt. Air Powered

Immergood 8 qt. Electric Freezer

8 Quart Electric

We now have our popular Immergood motor fitted for use on our 8 qt. Ice Cream Freezers. This motor has plenty of power to make a batch of ice cream in the 8 qt. freezer. Our motor is built to run until your done. If you forget to stop the motor, it has a built in thermostatic overload protection shutoff that will keep the motor from twisting off the dasher.

#1029 IG 8 qt. Immergood Electric

Immergood Electric Motor

8 Quart Electric Motor / Battery

Our quiet, strong, and tough built motor is the product of many hours of making ice cream on the back porch, trying to figure out a better way. The Immergood electric motor is built with a very efficient motor along with the Immergood TRIPLE ACTION drive system. Backed by the service and support of Immergood, this motor is built to last for years! Also Available in 8 qt. battery powered models.
#1039 Immergood 8 qt. Electric
#1017 Immergood 8 qt. Dew/Mil
#1019 Immergood 8 qt. Makita

Immergood Electric Ice Cream Maker

Electric Motor

All stainless steel housing and gears. Immergood Triple-Motion drive system. Our electric controls include an on/off switch with thermostatic overload protection. This is the quietest 6 qt. triple action ice cream maker motor. This motor runs smooth and quiet. All stainless steel housing and gears. 110v, 60 hz.
This motor also fits 6 qt. White Mountain Freezers.
#1036 IG Electric Motor

Immergood Electric Ice Cream Maker

Battery Powered Motor

This motor runs on popular tool batteries (not included). You can make 2-3 batches on one charge. LED bulb shows status of RUNNING, DONE, LOW BATTERY. Built with a powerful motor using efficient gearing along with stainless steel gears and housing. Triple-Motion action.
#1035 Dew/Mil Batt. Motor
#1037 Makita Batt. Motor

Immergood Air Powered Motor

Air-Powered Motor

A quality power option from Immergood delivering Triple-Motion action, with stainless steel gears and housing. Needs 20-60 PSI of air. This model is popular among the Amish since it does not use electric.
#1033 Air Motor – most brands of 4 / 6 qt.
#1034 IG 8 qt. Air Motor


Immergood Ice Cream Freezer

12 Quart

Built with all stainless steel metals, this freezer is a favorite for folks who want to make some frozen treats and get to play with an old hit & miss (or new) engine at the same time. Features a super insulated, long lasting, poly tub. Unique hinge system allows you to remove the can without removing the pulley. Available with Hand Crank or Pulley option.
#1012 12 Quart Immergood Straight Shaft

Immergood Tub Cover

Insulated Stainless Steel Tub Cover

Built to be as tough as the rest of your freezer – the tub cover allows you to re-pack the freezer with ice and keep your ice cream for up to several days.
#1030 4 or 6 qt. Tub Cover
#1031 8 qt. Tub Cover

Immergood Hand Crank

Immergood Hand Crank Gear Frame

Features Triple-Action motion with stainless steel housing and gears. Poly wear bushings eliminate the need for grease.
#1057 4 or 6 qt. Stainless Gear Frame
#1058 8 qt. Stainless Gear Frame

Immergood replacement tub for White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer

Replacement Tub for White Mountain Freezer

Features a highly insulated poly tub. Includes Stainless Steel Latches and Handle.  Immergood, Delrin tub center – never rust (not cast iron like WM original).

Do you have a White Mountain Freezer that needs a little TLC? This replacement tub is for models built in the last 10-15 years.
#1040 WM 6 qt. replacement tub
#1042 WM 8 qt. replacement tub

White Mountain Replacement Gears

White Mountain Replacement Gears

We recommend replacing all the gears at one time (included in the set) If your dasher slips in a new or almost new gearframe, you probably have the cheap imported White Mountain gears. Your best bet is to buy a set of our stainless steel gears, which has a slightly smaller square hole, and are of better quality.
#1130 WM Replacement Gears

Immergood Electric Ice Cream Freezer

6 Quart Immergood / White Mountain Motor

Features a leak-free ice cream Maker Tub & Can – Made in USA. This is not your throw away quality, it is built heavy enough to last to hand down to the next generation. Coupled with an ecomony grade, White Mountain Motor, 1.1 AMP, 12,000 RMP (Motor Imported, White Mountain part only).

3 Year Warranty – No hassle on freezer, 1 Year Warranty from White Mountain on motor.

#1020 6 qt. WM Electric

Currently Unavailable – No restock date.

Immergood - 12 quart with motor

Immergood – 12 Quart Electric Ice Cream Freezer Unit

Ice cream for everyone. This unit is sure to be a hit. Combine the simplicity of a powerful 3/4 HP 110 volt motor with an authentic homemade ice cream maker and you have a winning combination.

Features all stainless steel hardware on ice cream freezer, Leakproof poly tub, AMP meter to show hardness of ice cream and a sturdy wagon frame to move the unit around.
#1310 12 Qt Electric Unit

– 3 Year Warranty –

Keep the ice cream comming, your Immergood Freezer carries a limited 3 year warranty! Electric motor part carries a 1 year warranty.

Immergood Parts

With Immergood, we build with the intent and carry through on supporting our products for years – or centuries, after they are sold. If you need a part, contact your nearest Immergood Dealer, or use the Contact Page to get in touch.

Many large corporations build and import in large batches. So when the parts run out, there are no more parts available. That is not the case with Immergood. We build and manufacture in small batches here in USA. So when a part is needed, we can always build more. Since it is coming from a shop next door, rather than from ‘across the pond’, it does not take months until part comes in to some large warehouse.

Parts listing for the popular Immergood 6 qt. Hand Crank Ice Cream Freezer
Immergood Parts
Immergood Parts

Where did your Immergood Owner’s Manual Go?

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, things like a litttle owner’s manual get lost. So when you get to making ice cream for your cookout, your favorite recipe is nowhere to be found! You can contact us for a printed version. But sometimes the mail is not fast enough. We offer a PDF version for free. GET IT HERE.

Immergood Owner's Manual - PDF version


Where to Buy?

Homeplace Market LLC is a Pennsylvania online dealer who stocks, sells and supports the Immergood product line. If you need help in purchasing or after sales support, give them a call. 717.983.8450
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Immergood Products are also available at many brick & motar stores across the country. If you are traveling through Amish Country, stop at an Amish hardware/variety store and ask about an Immergood Freezer.

Make plans to take your Immergood freezer along to the next event. You are going to be “Cranking out ice cream… and memories” with your American made, Immergood freezer.

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