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General Questions

At Immergood our goal is to build a quality freezer that will serve you well today – and in the years to come, even to the next generation. We accomplish this by using long lasting, stainless steel hardware, well machined stainless steel gears and a leak proof tub.

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Which Size? 4 Qt. - 6 Qt. - 8 Qt.

Our 6 qt. size is the most popular! It gives enough ice cream for about 10-12 hungry people and is easy to handle.

You can always make half a batch in a 6 qt. freezer, but you can never make more in a 4 qt. freezer.

The 8 qt. size is great if you plan to use it when you have more than just your family, or if you want to put some in the freezer.

Do I need to make a full batch?

No, you can make as much as you want. Just make sure the ice is as full as the mix inside the can.

what Salt should I use

You do not have to buy the ‘Ice Cream Salt’.

Use any regular salt. DO NOT use ice melt.
Remember, salt is very corrosive. It pits metals and kills plants. Cover work surfaces with newspaper and protect grass when making ice cream outdoors in the summer time. Wear rubber gloves when touching salt or salt water brine. Use a glass or plastic measuring cup instead of metal.

For your convienience, we offer Salt for Homemade Ice Cream in a convenient 6 qt. batch size.

Do the battery powered freezers work?

Yes, they are great. They can make 2-3 batches per charge.

The battery power means you can take it anywhere and not have to be tied to an electric cord to enjoy the help of a motor.

Take your Immergood Battery Powered Freezer to the park, camping, out by the fireplace, to the youth baseball game… yeah, ANYWHERE.

What Ice Cream Recipe should I use?

Each ice cream freezer comes with an Owner’s Manual and Recipe book with a number of our favorite recipes in.

You can also purchase premade Ice Cream Mix. This option is a FDA approved mix, handy if you make ice cream to sell.

If using a cooked recipe, be sure to make it ahead of time and allow it to cool to refrigerator temperature before churning. This allows the mixture to freeze properly and expand when churning.

How Long does it take to make ice cream?

If your mix is pre-chilled in the refrigerator and bucket is room temp it takes 15-20 minutes till you can’t turn the crank anymore. Then let it sit another 10 minutes to finish cold soaking for a more firm ice cream.

Have a look at our video of making ice with an Immergood Hand Crank Freezer.

If it takes longer than 30 minutes, you are not using 4 cups of salt or over-cranking your cream.

Homemade ice cream has the texture of soft ice cream. If you like it firmer, remove the dasher, use a Tub Cover, pack it with ice, and let it set for an hour or two.

Can I mix ingredients like fruits, nuts, and chocolate?

Yes. Start with making vanilla ice cream. After about 12-14 minutes, remove the crank and take the lid off and add additional ingredients, which maybe be fruit pieces, Oreo cookie pieces that have been first ground up in a blender, etc. Then finish cranking the ice cream until ice cream is firm.

What are the benefits to this maker over a less expensive brand?

Hand crank ice cream makers are designed to make a large batch of ice cream in a simple and enjoyable way everyone can help. The Immergood brand takes the old hand crank idea and makes a freezer that is built to last for years. Should a part break 10 years from now, we have parts available.

Immergood is owned and managed by a small USA company consisting mostly of folks from the Amish faith. What does this mean? Design concepts and changes are dreamed up to increase quality and offer a better user experience. This is in contrary to large brands that work primarily to benefit share holders and corporate profits.

Is there a drainage hole in the bottom or on the side of the bucket?

There is a hole on the side to allow the excess water to drain off. If this hole gets plugged, and your ice melts and raises the water level above the top of the can, you get SALTY ice cream. So, if you are the folks who like to add water to the ice, just be sure the hole does not get plugged with ice.

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