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The EssaWARE brand is a growing collection of practical, unique, and USA made housewares. Designed at our kitchen table, molded in the county, packed in our shop, EssaWARE is truly a small town product. Look for an expanding product line featuring Food Service grade quality for the everyday consumer.

Built in the USA

… by hardworking folks like you

Essaware products are Designed, Built and Packaged right here where we eat, live and enjoy making food like you do.

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Pie Safe

Can’t wait till Thanksgiving when we bake too many pies and have to transport them to family members. This will be fantastic in helping save some space. – Dolch

Pie Safe

The pie safe is the perfect place to keep pies (or a cake) during the holidays or for a big family gathering. I love that the shelves are adjustable for meringue pies or for a cake. They are also easy to remove for cleaning! – Lynn

Economy Butter Churn

Easy, quick, affordable churn -Toni

Pie Saver

I gave it to my daughter for Christmas because she was looking for a pie carrier for next Christmas. I found this one and she loves it. She has used it before the next Christmas several times.

Take your pies or layered cakes to your next event without worries of them getting destroyed in the back of your car! The EssaWARE Pie Safe features a see through sliding front cover, and adjustable shelves to hold 4 regular pies, 3 deeper pies, or 2 cakes.

  • Clear front displays your desserts
  • Durable, food safe BPA-free
  • Fits any pans up to 10″ diameter (glass  plates with  handles may not fit)
  • Spacing:
    2″ with 4 shelves,
    2 3/4″ with 3 shelves
    5 3/4″ with 2 shelves
  • 11 1/4″W x 11 3/4″D x 12″H;
  • 4.3 lbs.
  • Shelf Weight Capacity, up to 6 lbs per shelf. 

Note: glass pie plates with large glass handles may exceed the 10″ size that fits in this container.

Pei Safe Open
Pie Safe width
Pie Saver Open
Pie Saver
Pie Safe
Pie Safe Opening
Pie Saver with foodie

Pie Saver

#1500 Pie Saver

Do you need to carry 1 pie or 8? The pie saver makes your life simple by accomodating the size you need.

Fill it. Stack it. Twist it… and Go!

The pie saver allows you to carry 9″ pies, desserts, fruit trays, dinner trays… whatever you like.

Each tray locks into the one above by a simple two handed twist and lock. Trays can be stacked up to 10 trays high, safely.

Trays allow minimal venting, not sealed. Each tray has small openings on the bottom where the trays lock together.

  • Clear trays allow you to check on your pies without opening.
  • Durable, lightweight, BPA-Free
  • Use one or multiple trays.
  • All pieces interlock with a slight twist.
  • Fits pie pans 9.0″ and smaller. Does not fit pans with handles.
  • One set includes 4 trays, 1 lid
  • Size:
    • 9.0″ inside diameter
    • 10.5″ outside diameter
    • 12″ High
Pie Saver Tray
Pie Saver Open
Pie Saver
Pie Saver Lock
Pie Saver Fruit
Lunch-Mate Sandwich Keeper

LUNCH-MATE, Stainless Steel Reusable Sandwich Container

  • Built with 100% Stainless Steel. The Lunch Mate is built with a heavy duty hinge that allows the container to open flat.
  • Use this container for re-heating in a toaster oven or conventional oven (not for microwave use).
  • Grade 305 Stainless Steel will not retain flavors, colors, or odors.
  • This plastic alternative can be used and washed by hand or dishwasher.
  • Every time you use it, you can thank yourself for contributing to a no waste, eco-friendly society.
  • Not water tight or air sealed. Not for liquids

This heavy duty sandwich container is built for everyday use. Use it in lunches, food service, or your snack at work container.

#1503 Lunch-Mate

Ecomomy drill powered butter churn

Economy Drill-Powered Butter Churn

  • Make Butter in your kitchen
  • Square design keeps ingredients from turning with the paddle
  • 4 Gallon container for 2 Gallons of cream
  • Recipe and instructions included
  • Inexpensive, wet ingredient mixer
  • Amish Made. Made in USA with Imported tub

Includes: 1 – 4 gallon container made from food grade plastic. Stainless steel mixing paddle. Wear bushings for long life. Butter making instructions included.  Drill not included.

#3015 Economy Drill Powered Butter Churn

Hand crank butter churn

EssaWare 2 Gallon Butter Churn

  • Make your own butter at home with ease
  • 8 quart jar, churns 4 quarts of cream
  • Makes up to 5 lbs. of butter
  • Easy to clean, heavy glass jar
  • Stainless steel, long lasting parts
  • Poly wear bushings, no lubrication needed
  • Stainless steel parts made in USA, jar Imported

Try your hand at making your own butter. With the included instructions, you can easily make your own butter in less than 15 minutes. Follow the directions to remove the butter milk and form your fresh real butter. Consider getting neat molds to make your own butter for dinner events or parties.
The glass jar is easy to clean and allows you to see what is happening on the inside. Built with Stainless Steel that is easy to clean and is naturally food safe.
This churn is built by the Amish. This means it is built for value, not mass produced with cheap materials.

#1505 Hand Crank
#1506 Drill Powered


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EssaWARE Products are also available at many brick & motor stores across the country. If you are traveling through Amish Country, stop at an Amish dry goods store and ask about EssaWARE products.

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